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Thanks to all of the staff and interns who have worked with us over the years!
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frontoffice is based in Tokyo and Toronto, and is currently involved with projects in Japan, Europe, and North America. The office grew from the shared interests of 4 PhD students studying architecture and urban planning at the University of Tokyo. With backgrounds in real estate, urban planning and architecture, the group began their professional careers in Japan at offices including Fumihiko Maki and Isozaki Arata before coming together to start frontoffice. Our approach to design is unsurprisingly founded on research on the city and takes many of its lessons from a deep study of Tokyo itself. Recognizing the most significant challenge of our time is to manage massive change we are focused on developing new ways to live in the city. The architecture and urban plans that emerge from that effort do not conform to a particular style. Creating pragmatic and comfortable places we are interested in architecture that takes advantage of, and builds on the attributes of its location, whether it is urban or in the countryside.

After 20 years working as foreigners in Tokyo we have learned a lot about the pitfalls and particular difficulties of working in Japan. We are happy to share what we have learned and offer our services as advisors in real estate investment, construction management, property management, sustainable development, and research.