2020 fot in Toronto

Toronto Canada
March 2020

Will Galloway, Andrew Aziz, Connor Gagnon, William Dan Howell, Mike Mazurkiewicz, Michael Plummer, Stephanie Steriotis, Freedom Stone, Katherine Swainson

A joint exhibition with Carlo parente at the gallery at Ryerson University in Toronto.

The office of Carlo Parente and FOT share an interest in the messy casualness of a well-lived everyday life, and so we agreed to create an installation that mixed our works together and formed a series of informal spaces that visitors could walk through and around as they examined our collective histories of work.

frontoffice’s work is contained within 4 pink monoliths and a series of pedestals, all assembled from 50mm thick panels of painted insulation board. When the show is over the boards can be re-used at a construction site, or re-purposed for furniture. Containing nearly 10 years of work the projects are set alongside a hundred photographs of Tokyo’s everyday urbanism - the inspiration for much of our work, and not incidentally the chief evidence of what we are responding to when we design.

The exhibition was closed the day after it opened, a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are preparing an online version of the exhibit and will update this site once it is up and running. Stay tuned!