Tochigi House
In Progress

100m2 house
Koen Klinkers, Will Galloway, Maxim Agred, Quentin Giraud, yuka Takeuchi

A house in rural Japan for a retired couple.

Located in a relatively remote part of Japan on old family land, the house is suspended from a group of columns so that it barely touches the ground.The structure is wilfully expressive, making a kind of nest for the home. it supports an otherwise simple prefabricated construction system made from thick polycarbonate panels. Translucent insulation lets in a soft glowing light. The entire home can be easily dismantled and re-used elsewhere, or recycled for other uses.
A garden is accessible from every side of the home, with a simple gravel path giving acces to each window and door. This is a house without a dominant direction, where it is possible to walk in and out and through every side, where landscape and interior are mutually extended and interconnected in an informal way. Functions are similarly distributed informally through the home, which is in the end a simple open box.