Wa Shop

60 m2 renovation - Akasaka, Tokyo 2014
Mizuzu Yoshikawa, Joris Berkhout, Koen Klinkers, Will Galloway, Nicolai Becker, Ana Ilic

A house built during the post-war reconstruction of Tokyo sits in the midst of mega developments in Akasaka, standing within walking distance of the National Legislature on one side and a gentrifying area with a still strong nightlife on the other. The house faces demolition and redevelopment in the near future but until that time is host to a shop on the ground floor and an office on the second. With such an uncertain future the only logical choice is to build minimal but beautiful. A table hangs on the existing columns that once defined closets, bedrooms and kitchens, made perfectly level with a layer of acrylic resin. The rest remains largely untouched. Here the shop owners will display modernised versions of Japanese tradition.